Private tour of the city of Petra (2.5 hours) - Transfers included

Private tour of the city of Petra (2.5 hours) - Transfers included

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Visiting Petra, one of the seven wonders of the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site
A multitude of must-see sites to explore
The services of your own private guide
The ingenious rainwater collection and storage system

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2 hours 30 minutes


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Discover the thousand-year-old city of Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the seven wonders of the world!

Long abandoned and nestled within a canyon with ochre and red walls dozens of metres high, Petra is a thousand-year-old city that looks just like a natural fortress. In 1985, it was added to UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites in recognition of its extensive historic relics. Petra was subsequently declared one of the new 7 wonders of the world in 2007.

Although the city has been studied by archaeologists and historians for decades, Petra remains an archaeological site steeped in mystery. The enigmatic and impressive setting has been used in the filming of many hits, including Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. 

You will be driven to the main gate of Petra, the starting point of your walking tour.

During your private guided tour, you will discover:

  • The 'Djinn blocks': In the past, the Bedouin believed that these rectangular buildings erected in the middle of nowhere were the inhabited by spirits. Today it's believed that they contain human graves. 
  • The Obelisk Tomb: The Obelisk Tomb, standing tall at 15.98 metres, is one of very few multi-storey tombs in Petra. It has four obelisks and a niche at the top representing the five people buried inside. The tomb contains Greek and Nabataean inscriptions with the names of its occupants. 
  • The Petra Dam: The dam is just one of the ingenious rainwater harvesting and storage systems you'll see on your visit. It was built by the Nabataeans to protect the city from flooding caused by high water levels. The dam redirected this water to what was called the 'dark tunnel'.
  • Al-Khazneh: At 43 metres tall and 28 metres wide, Al-Khazneh is the best known and most iconic building in Jordan. Carved into the rock around the 1st century AD, the name of the imposing building translates as The Treasury, the Bedouins believing it concealed treasure. It has been the target of numerous attempts at looting, as evidenced by the markings on the urn. The façade reflects the influence of Egyptian and Greco-Roman architecture. If you look at the façade's reliefs, you'll find characters from Greek and Egyptian mythology.
  • Petra Theater: The theatre was carved out of the rock over 2,000 years ago during the reign of Aretas IV and could accommodate up to 4,000 people. The semi-circular audience stands extend to the stage, reflecting the layout of Greco-Roman amphitheatres. It has three entrances, one of which was reserved for King Aretas IV. 
  • The Colonnaded Street: This alley, lined with Roman-style columns, was built in 106 AD.  From here you'll see the Byzantine church, the Temple of the Winged Lions, and the remains of the Nymphaeum fountain, which was probably built in the 2nd century AD. On the way to the royal tombs, you'll see the ancient residential area of the Nabataeans.
  • The Royal Tombs: Your guide will show you the four Royal Tombs consisting of the Palace Tomb, the Silk Tomb, the Corinthian Tomb, and the Urn Tomb (the tour does not include going inside the Royal Tombs)
  • The ancient marketplace and the Temenos gate: The remains of the old market square will give you an insight into the place that ensured Petra's wealth for several centuries. For a long time, Petra was the hub of the silk and spice trade, connecting the Middle East, India, and China, for example. You'll also step through the 17-metre-high Temenos Gate, which symbolises the entrance to the religious part of Petra.
  • Qasr al-Bint temple: Despite the Arabic name given to it, 'the palace of Pharaoh’s daughter', this temple was a sanctuary dedicated to the gods of the Nabataeans. 

Throughout the tour, you'll be accompanied by your own private guide who will teach you all there is to know about Petra. 

At the end of your tour, you'll return to your hotel from Qasr el Bint.

Good to know

  • Availability: every day, except in exceptional circumstances
  • Meeting times and location: you'll be asked to select a timeslot when booking. Transfers are available for most hotels in Petra. The exact location and time of your tour will be confirmed after booking.
  • Your tour will be led by a private guide
  • As this is a private tour, your group will be alone with the guide
  • We recommend that you wear suitable clothes and shoes for walking

Price includes

  • The private tour of the must-see sites in Petra
  • The services of an expert guide
  • Round trip transfer from/to your hotel in Petra

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  • Any other extras



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